Enembe: Candle Has a Profound Meaning, Do not Light It Up Carelessly!

MHN, BIAK– Papua Governor, Luke Enembe considered that the candle-action held in several areas in Prov. Papua should not be done because candles have a bigger meaning.

In his political speech Wednesday (17/05/2017) Enembe firmly stated that when there are many adversities in Papua, they never light a candle, but now they light a candle for what.

“Now you are doing a candle-action then when many events was being happened in Papua, you have never did candle-action. Do not go to any candle,” he asserted.

It was delivered when he delivering his political oration on after declared as a candidate for governor of Papua 2018-2023 from the democratic party.

A few weeks ago, candle-action was held in several districts/cities in Papua including Jayapura, Biak, Timika, Nabire, Merauke and Yapen Islands as support for Ahok, the non-active governor of Jakarta who is currently in jail for the verdict of defaming Islam. (Maria Dauth/MHN)

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