Jayapura Holds the Parade Welcoming the 72nd Anniversary of RI

Jayapura – On 14 August 2017 at 14.00-16.45 Wit took place at Kalkote East Sentani tourist square, Jayapura Regency, Papua held a parade event in order to welcome and commemorate RI’s 72nd anniversary.

The parade activity in order to welcome the 72nd anniversary of the RI was held by the District Government of Jayapura by involving SKPD line and the general public in Jayapura Regency, Papua.

The parade began with a gathering point in the Jayapura District Government office complex of Gunung Merah Sentani then officially released by the District Secretary of Jayapura to the location of the peak event in the Kalkote East Sentani tourist area of ​​Jayapura District.

The parade participants consisted of 96 4 wheel vehicles and 85 wheeled vehicles 2 and about 600 other participants who followed the Sentani-East Harapan Sentani Village road and ended up in Kalkote East Sentani tourist area.

At 14.30 Wit, the parade participants arrived on stage at Kalkote East Sentani Beach and were greeted by the Jayapura District Head who was represented by the District Secretary of Jayapura Regency.

Attending the event were Drs. Yerry F. Dien (Secretary of Jayapura District), Major Inf Haryanto (Pabung Jayapura), Abdul Rahman Basri S. Sos M. Kp (Assistant I Secretary of Jayapura District) and Yanto Dago SE (Kakesbangpol Kab Jayapura), Colonel Inf Stevi Zibua (Danrindam XVII / Cen), Colonel Pnb Erwan Adrian (Danlanud Jayapura), Iptu Bertus Sattu (East Sentani Kapolsek), A. Rahman Basri S. Sos M. Kp (Assistant I Secretary of Jayapura District).

Regent of Jayapura in his speech read by Drs. Yerry F. Dien (Secretary of Jayapura District), said that the Indonesian people will be stronger if the community participates in full participation in filling the activities of independence.

In addition, he appealed to all components of Religion in order to carry out a prayer together so that the Indonesian Nation is always strong and increasingly glorious.

Not only that, also delivered to the entire community and religious leaders in Jayapura District that will be held a joint prayer activities that will be held on August 17, 2017 in the ceremony of the district government of Jayapura Gunung Merah at 17.00 Wit.

Regarding the implementation of Voting Agreement that will be held on August 23, 2017, the Regent of Jayapura expects for all communities to participate in participating with the maximum and can maintain the implementation so that it can run well and safely. (AT)

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