Fulfill the Fifth Precinct, the President to Struggle Cement Prices in Papua and Java is Not Different

JAKARTA, MHN – Ahead of the 72nd anniversary of Indonesian independence, the challenges ahead are heavier and require hard work together to disseminate the values of optimism. This was conveyed by President Joko Widodo when the 2nd Supporting General of Loyal Supporters of Jokowi at JI Expo Kemayoran Central Jakarta, Friday, August 11, 2017.

Two things are key to answering the increasingly tough challenge of trust and cooperation. “These two things are very important, we must continue to strengthen,” said the President.

Various government programs, such as Smart Indonesia Card (KIP), Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS), Family Hope Program (PKH) are programs that must be monitored for proper implementation. “Has it reached the right hands who need it ?,” said the President.

The budget used for these programs is not small, so the community must also supervise and supervise the program. “If the turns to convey to us, convey to me so that we have not good repair, we fix. This is the function of organizing the community so that the public will be trusted, “said the President.

Similarly with the village funds, the President asked for community involvement in the utilization of the village funds. “I ask all to supervise, check, control this money is not corrupted, so as not to be distorted, not lost, and can improve the village infrastructure, can improve irrigation, village roads, build embung in the village,” he said.

The President believes that the use of village funds is right on target to eat will boost the economy in the villages. “Because each village has at least Rp800 million. Do not let this be distorted by the village government officials, “he said.

Furthermore, the President said that the government is now intensively building infrastructure, such as toll roads in Sumatra and Java, building railway lines in Sulawesi and also trans Kalimantan and trans Papua
Not only infrastructure development is done by the government, but also realize the fifth principle of Pancasila, which is social justice for all Indonesian people.

Currently, people in Papua can feel the same price for the purchase of one liter of gasoline, after for decades they buy gasoline for Rp 60 thousand for each liter.

“I ordered a plane to transport fuel and 8 months ago the price of fuel in Papua equal to in Java, Rp6.550 per liter,” said the President.

Having succeeded in realizing one fuel price in the country, the President wants the price of cement in Papua which is still expensive to approach the price in Java, where the price of cement per sack in Wamena is currently Rp2.5 million per sack, while in Java the price is Rp70 thousand per sack .

After the infrastructure development is complete, the government will focus on human resource development (HR). “Human resource development is key, it is useless for large natural resources but if human resources do not have good productivity,” said President.

After the development of infrastructure and human resources development is done well, then the next big step is to enter the industry and services. “Indeed, these stages must be passed, it is impossible to talk only infrastructure without building our human resources. (MHN)

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