Member of DPRD Mimika Holds Coat Fuel Action

TIMIKA, MHN – 35 members of the Mimika Regency DPRD are vacuumed for three years, burning used tires and coats they wear on the road Cenderawasih SP II Timika on Sunday (13/8) afternoon.

This action was carried out because the activity and clarity of DPRD members for three years did not go until the right of the people’s representatives had not been paid yet.

Disappointment 35 members of the House of Representatives Mimika is done by blocking the road Cenderawasih SP II. As a result, traffic flow connecting the city of Kuala Kencana and Kota Timika stalled totally.

The action carried out by 35 members of the DPRD was guarded by police officers under the leadership of Wakapolres Mimika, Kompol A. Korowa. When they arrived at the location of the raid and were about to commit the forced demolition of the blockade, there was a row between members of the DPRD and the Mimika Deputy Commander. They insisted that the blockade should not be opened because the three-year Mimika DPRD problems, making development in Mimika Regency is not running.

A total of 35 mimika DPRD members also protested to the Mimika Regent, Eltinus Omaleng. Members of the DPRD hope that the issue of DPRD Mimika can be handled directly by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo, because the Minister of Home Affairs and the Governor of Papua can not solve the Problem of Mimika Parliament that has been Vacuum for 3 years.

In addition to street blockade, Mimika DPRD members also carry banners written and addressed to President Joko Widodo. “Home Minister and Governor of Papua can not solve MIMIKA DPRD problem,” read the banner.

One member of the Mimika Parliament, Saleh Alhamid said, since 3 years of Parliament Vaccum and no serious attention from the central government to help solve the case DPRD. All development activities in Mimika are totally stuck and the Mimika people are victims, where the development direction in Mimika without DPRD. (MHN)

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