Members of the House of Representatives from West Papua Reported His Wife to MKD

JAKARTA, – A woman named Yunike Howay reported a member of House of Representatives, Jimmy Demianus Ijie to the House Honorary Court (MKD).

Yunike Howay claims to be Jimmy Demianus Ijie’s wife.

Monday (7/8/2017), Yunike Howay reported her husband to the House of Representatives MKD on allegations of cheating.

With a letter of complaint, Yunike Howay filed a reporting document along with evidence to the secretariat of MKD DPR.

Jimmy Demianus Ijie, a member of the West Papuan faction of PDI-P, was reportedly carrying another woman who was not his wife when he was inducted into the House of Representatives on July 18.

Yunike Howay also reports Jimmy Demianus Ijie about child neglect.

Jimmy Demianus Ijie is a member of the House of Representatives for the period 2014-2019, but was only inaugurated on July 18, 2017.

The inauguration of Jimmy Demianus Ijie was delayed because he had to wait for the Supreme Court (MA) cassation verdict about the guilty verdict on corruption case of West Papua Regional Budget.

Jimmy Demianus Ijie was also sentenced to 7 months imprisonment by the Jayapura District Court, Papua, for adultery cases. (Yos/Tika/MHN)

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