NTT Senator Andre Garu Officially Forward As Candidate for Governor of NTT

Kupang, – In the Rapimnas of the Hanura Party in Bali on 4-6 August 2017 yesterday, the Chairman of Hanura Party instructed all potential cadres to run for regional heads at all levels, from Provinces to Regencies / Municipalities.

Therefore, to run the Party’s mandate, the Chairman of the DPP Hanura Party, Andre Garu decided to go forward as a candidate for governor of NTT in 2018.

“After the party was assigned, I decided to step forward as a candidate for NTT Governor. And today I am here in Kupang to register, “said Senator from NTT.

He said he did not have large capital funds to move forward to become a candidate for governor, therefore he wanted to invite all components of the community of NTT to jointly open a voluntary post to help the struggle.

“This is our common struggle to build NTT. Therefore, if you want to change, then I ask let us move together determine the future of NTT by opening volunteer post in all NTT region by collecting donations ranging from Rp 100 to any, “he said.

Members of the Board of Trustees of the Young Laskar Hanura claimed that if the People support and God willing and he was elected as Governor then the step taken is to evaluate all development programs in NTT.

Starting from the evaluation of the development of the targeted market has been misdirected, irrigation and rice fields are built everywhere but there is no water as well as the development of embungs and reservoirs.

In addition, he will also evaluate the construction of wharfs and seaports which, after being built, there are no ships or boats anchored. Training Agency (BLK) will also be evaluated, the article so far many BLKs that do not produce reliable human resources.

Andre also promised to increase scholarships for outstanding students, especially the children was poor, and will allocate village funds of Rp 500 million per village as well as incentives for the village head and all village officials.

And he will also invite as many investors as possible to help invest in NTT in order to create jobs and empower the citizens of NTT. Even Andre promised to bring the ministry closer, he will try to make the expansion of the Province into the Province of Flores and Sumba Province. As well as a number of districts such as District of Manggarai Barat Daya and North Manggarai. And the latter improving the income of civil servants by raising the Performance Allocation Area (Yos/MHN)

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