Plan for the closure of Komodo National Park – The NTT Provincial Government plans to close the Komodo National Park tourist site from tourist visits for one year. This is in an effort to increase the population of dragons and deer, which are the main food for these rare animals.

“The NTT government will make arrangements for the Komodo National Park area to be better, so that the Komodo dragon’s habitat becomes more developed. We will close the Komodo National Park for one year, “said NTT Governor Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat in Kupang, quoted from Antara (01/20/2019).

But he did not explain the closing time of the Komodo National Park area. Viktor said the closure of the Komodo National Park to facilitate local governments to organize the tourist area.

He said the condition of the Komodo dragon habitat in West Manggarai Regency, the western tip of Flores Island, has diminished and the Komodo dragons’ small body condition as a result of the deer being the main food of the Komodo dragon.

“The Komodo dragon’s body condition is not as big as it once was, because the deer population as the main food of the Komodo dragon continues to decrease due to the rampant deer theft in the region,” said Viktor.

The number one person in the archipelago-based province is worried, if deer decreases, it is possible that dragons will devour each other to survive.

“Instincts as animals will appear when the Komodo dragon’s food chain decreases. If the main food is abundant, then the instinct will be different. That is what drives the government to organize the Komodo area by temporarily closing the area from tourist visits for one year, “he said.

The arrangement of the Komodo region, said the Governor, is done as a form of protection carried out by the state against the Komodo dragon, which is a rare habitat and protected from extinction. (CBN)

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