5000 Liters of Liquor seized by Mabar Police

Melanesiahotnews.com – West Manggarai Subregional Police (Polres), East Nusa Tenggara managed to seize 5000 liters of traditional liquor (sopi), Sunday (3/2).

West Manggarai Subregional Police Chief, AKBP Julisa Kusumowardono, Tuesday (5/2) said, miras was secured from the hands of eight perpetrators identified as KA, SG, TN, US, M, AR, HM, MN who were carrying the liquor from dump truk to be taken to a boat on Terang, Boleng District.

Miras was transported from Kuwus District to market in West Nusa Tenggara Province.

The police secured a boat, one truck contained 156 jerry cans which have measurement of 35 liters. They estimated the total of traditional liquor (Sopi) was around 5000 liters.

“The Liquor is collected by the perpetrators identified as KA from various places in West Manggarai region,” Julisa said.

He claimed the liquor was planned to be marketed in Bima, NTB. The liquor can be consumed by more than 7000 people, which of course will have implications for the disruption of community security (Kamtibmas) wherever they are.

The perpetrators have now been secured at the Mabar Subregional Police. So far, the main perpetrators often send the liquor to NTB.

Julisa explained that the control of liquor was aimed at creating a safe and peaceful situation for Kamtibmas in West Manggarai Regency.

The police’s commitment is to make the Kamtibmas situation in West Manggarai conducive and free of illegal liquor sales. This is the second arrest after previously the liquor collectors were arrested in the area of ​​Macang Pacar Subdistrict in 2018.

The perpetrators are subject to Article 204 (1) KUHP sub 135 Jo Article 71 of Law 18 of 2012 concerning Food with a maximum imprisonment of 15 years in prison. (CBN)

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