Funds for the Rp.5.5 billion GOR Flobamora Rehab But It Has Been Leaked, NTT DPRD Commission V Called Dispora

Kupang, MHN – Commission B of the NTT DPRD regretted that the condition of the new GOR Flobamora was rehabilitated but had leaked out. Even though the budget allocation for rehabilitation is IDR 5.5 billion (M).

This was conveyed by the Chairman of Commission V of the NTT DPRD, Jimmi Sianto at a meeting with the Office of Youth and Sports (Dispora) of NTT. This meeting took place in the meeting room of Commission V of the NTT DPRD on Tuesday (01/08/2019).

This meeting was chaired directly by Jimmi Sianto and was attended by Deputy Chairperson, M.Ansor and attended by members, John Rumat and Winston Neil Rondo.

From the Dispora of NTT, present the Secretary of the Dispora, Lambertus Ara Tukan and other officials.

According to Jimmi, with the condition of the GOR Flobamora the service must be considered and do not remain old mentally.

“The building has indeed been leaked, then the floors are not good, the walls are not good. Even though the rehabilitation fund is Rp.5.5 billion. Don’t let this be like being transformed,” said Jimmi.

It is said, the money allocated is quite large, because it needs to be considered, so that there is no assumption that rehabilitation uses the science of makeup.

“The make up science we see outside is good but inside it is porous. As soon as the rain water hits, the water seeps,” he said.

While the Futsal GOR, Jimmi said, there were budget allocations several times starting from Rp. 2.5 billion, the second allocation was Rp. 1 billion and finally Rp. 1 billion.

“I photographed the Futsal GOR building and posted a lot of comments in the group saying that Gudang Bulog was used as a Futsal field,” he said.

NTT’s Dispora Secretary, Lambertus Ara Tukan said, GOR Flobamora is currently under maintenance. The maintenance period is 6 months.

“Because it’s currently under maintenance. Of course we ask a third party to improve,” Lambertus said.

Winston Rondo at that time requested that there be a deadline for completion of the Flobamora Sports Hall and the Futsal Sports Hall.

“At this time the rainy season needs attention and we are grateful because the Dispora is ready to repair the damage,” Winston said.

Yohanes Rumat, a member of Commission V of the NTT DPRD, said that every time a meeting with the Dispora of NTT was always bad and not heard.

“Therefore I ask the prosecutors and the police to investigate the construction of the building,” said Rumat. (POS-KUPANG.COM, Oby Lewanmeru)

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