Two People As Hate Provocateur Were Secured by Police

MHN, AMBON – Berry Peilouw (18 Years old, Christian, Kairatu Village, Kairatu Sub-district, SBB Regency) and Fikri Arodes (19 years old, Islam, Silale Citizens of Nusaniwe Town of Ambon) were forced to be arrested and secured by Kairatu Police proved to post a religious defamation postings on his facebook page.

The two provocateurs vulgarly insulted the religion of Islam through its postings, causing unrest and leaving many citizens unaccepted and urging the police to arrest.

According to information received by, Kairatu Police Chief, Iptu Zeth Riry confirmed that his side has been arresting the two perpetrators and is currently undergoing examination.

Although the posts of the perpetrators have been removed but netizens have already disseminated it, so it becomes viral in social media and generating mixed responses. While the MUI board, Fathien Tuasamu, Akip Makatita, and Edi Hidayat Patiiha continue to escort the case to completion.

“The MUI will seriously oversee the case because it can lead to social friction, it hopes the Police is serious and transparent in handling it” said Fatrien. (Maria Dauth / MHN)

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