National Police Denies Using Phosphorus Bombs When Hunting KKB in Papua – Head of the Public Relations Bureau (Karopenmas) of the National Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General (Pol) Dedi Prasetyo denied that a joint TNI-Polri apparatus used phosphorus bombs in the hunt for the murder of a number of workers in Nduga.

According to him, the combined TNI-Polri apparatus only used smoke grenades and tear gas.

“There are no deadly bombs, they are not bombs, smoke grenades and tear gas,” Dedi said at the National Police Headquarters Public Relations Building, South Jakarta, Thursday (1/3/2019).

Dedi explained, the information revealed by The Saturday Paper. Previously, the newspaper in Australia reported that the Indonesian military used phosphorus bombs to chase down killers of workers in Nduga who did not carry out verification and clarification processes.

Dedi said his party had also clarified and showed the objects used in the hunt for the murderers of workers in Nduga.

“The evidence shown by their media has been clarified. There are no deadly bombs, those are smoke grenades and tear gas,” Dedi said.

On that occasion, Dedi also clarified the news about the Humanitarian Evacuation Team from the Regional Government of Nduga, Papua being held hostage by TNI-Polri forces in Yigi District, Nduga.

According to Dedi, the news was part of the propaganda used by the Free Papua Organization (OPM).

Dedi said, based on the clarification of the Head of the Papua Police Public Relations Division Chief Commissioner Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, the news was baseless.

“I have tried clarification to the Papua Police Head of Public Relations, it is propaganda issues carried out by their group (OPM). So there is nothing and not fundamental,” said Dedi.

For information, the spokesman for the OPM West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) previously said that the Humanitarian Evacuation Team from the Regional Government of Nduga was also filled with Deputy Chairperson of DPRD Nduga Alimi Gwijangge and Deputy Chairperson II DPRD Nduga Kelnea Dinar held hostage by TNI / Polri forces in Yigi District.

He said the Humanitarian Evacuation Team from the Nd Regional Government was also held hostage on December 29, 2018 when departing from Mbua District to Yigi District to gather Yigi, Nitkuri and Mugi people who had fled to the forest after the shooting between the TNI and Polri and TPNPB.

Dedi explained, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe had also clarified that it had supported the steps of the TNI / Polri in carrying out law enforcement efforts against the Armed Criminal Group (KKB).

Even so, said Dedi, the Governor of Papua requested that the presence of the TNI-Polri not make people feel afraid.

He claimed, that the presence of the TNI-Polri guaranteed the security of the community in Nduga and its surroundings.

“Our approach is also not repressive, but there is also a humanist approach that continues to be developed there. For example, the Satgas binmas (Community Guidance) Noken, “said Dedi.

The presence of the Binmas Noken Task Force in the context of providing education to the community, such as developing and empowering communities in the fields, agriculture, livestock, and others. (CBN)

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