Burning of Mysterious Cars in Semarang, Already 15 Cars Burned

Melanesiahotnews.com – The case of car burning in the Central Java region is being investigated by the police. Until now, the police still have no meaningful instructions to arrest the perpetrators.

Burning cases have occurred in three regions, namely Semarang, Kendal and Semarang or Ungaran Districts.

The police have formed a special team to hunt down the arsonists who started to disturb residents in Central Java.

Following are the facts of the case that was reported by Kompas.com:

1. 15 cars were burned during January 2019

Throughout January 2019, car burning cases have occurred in three regions in Central Java, namely Semarang, Kendal Regency, and Semarang Regency.

Seven cases of car burning took place in Semarang, seven in Kendal Regency, and one in Semarang Regency.

Burning cases in Semarang occurred in the West Semarang, Tugu, Banyumanik, Pedurungan, Candisari and Ngaliyan areas.

While in Kendal, arson cases occur in Boja, Cepiring, Kaliwungu, Kendal City, Cepiring and Brangsong.

“This case is still under investigation. No one has been arrested yet, “said Central Java Regional Police Public Relations Chief Police Commissioner Agus Triatmadja, when confirmed on Thursday (01/31/2019).

2. The police ask the victim to report immediately

Head of Central Java Police Public Relations Commissioner Agus Triatmadja said, only some of the victims had reported to the police.

Agus hopes that other residents who become victims are not afraid to report the incident.

“Inform the security forces, either Babinkamtibmas or Babinsa or to the nearest police station if you see anyone with suspicious behavior,” he said.

3. Re-promote siskamling

Agus invited the public to increase awareness of the incident. One of them is by re-promoting the environmental security system (Siskamling).

Residents were also asked not to panic over the incident.

“We appeal to the Central Java community to help maintain the situation of community security by intensifying the environmental security system (Siskamling),” said Pol. Commissioner Agus Triatmadja.

4. The car in the garage is burned

Reported by Tribunnews, one of the Semarang residents who became a victim, Dodi was surprised why his Daihatsu Sigra car was burned by an unknown person. Even when the incident happened, his car was in the garage and the position of the fence was closed.

Dodi claimed to have never had a problem with neighbors or with other parties. Dodi was troubled by the incident.

“Residents shouted, I saw the fire window was lit. I also don’t support politics, that’s their business, “he said.

5. Police form a special team

Semarang Polrestabes formed a special team to hunt down arsonists.

Semarang Deputy Head of Polrestabes AKBP Enrico Silalahi said the special team had been working to find clues to reveal the perpetrators and motives of the car burning which were randomly carried out.

In addition to forming a special team, Enrico also ordered the Semarang Elang Polrestabes Team to increase patrols in vulnerable areas, especially in the suburbs of Semarang.

“We have formed a special team, already working to find the culprit,” Enrico said. (CBN)

This news has been aired on Kompas.com, 5 Facts about Burning a Car in Central Java, 15 Cars Burned, Selected Randomly

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