People Stay Awake SARA Politics in New Year

JAKARTA,  – National political dynamics throughout the year 2017 can be spelled out thick with the issue of Tribe, Religion, Race and Inter-Class (SARA). Peak, the most felt by the people when the election of the Governor of DKI Jakarta.

Entering the political year 2018, SARA issue still happen. Moreover, in this year will be a large-scale democracy party, namely the election of governor.

Therefore, the Coordinator of TPDI, Peter Selestinus asked the public not to get caught up in the SARA politics as happened in DKI several months ago.

“The political impact of Sara’s crime in the 2017 Jakarta Regional Head Election has brought a domino effect and caused a rapid and dynamic escalation of Politics leading to a head-to-head dispute between community groups in some areas,” said Peter in a year-end TPDI notes release.

The dispute, he said, occurred because it felt obliged to maintain Plurality and Pancasila with the Community Group considered anti Pancasila or Intolerant and radical.

“The atmosphere in which citizens are head to head face opposition to State ideology, is very dangerous to the integrity of the state, because based on intelligence information and evidence of the urgent state of force, President Jokowi based on his authority according to the 1945 Constitution, has issued Perppu No. 2 Year 2017 on the Amendment of Law No. 17 of 2013 on mass organizations followed by dissolving mass organizations HTI in its actions want to replace the ideology of Pancasila with Khilaf, “he explained.

He said, the birth of Perppu no. 2 Year 2017 by President Jokowi intended to correct the total erroneous policy of President SBY when giving birth to Law no. 17 Year 2013, About the Ormas, because the Act no. 17 Year 2013.

The law of the time of SBY, said Peter, has made it difficult for the state to use its power to deal with mass organizations who in their attitude want to replace the ideology of Pancasila with other ideologies, such as HTI who want to replace Pancasila with the Khilafah.

“The birth of Perpu No. 2 of 2017 and even then not necessarily accepted by the community and even some factions of the House of Representatives like Gerindra, Democrat, PAN and PKS reject Perpu and encourage people to sue the material test of the Perpu to the Constitutional Court,” said this PERADI Advocate.

What should be appreciated is, the Perpu then managed to escape in the House of Representatives with the receipt of the Act so that the President declared to ratify the Perpu No.2 Year 2017 into Law.

“With the acceptance of Perpu No. 2 of 2017 to become the law then President Jokowi managed to prove to the Indonesian people that the state of the pressing force that threatens the Republic of Indonesia, Pancasila and Bhineka Tunggal Ika is not something imaginary, but something factual that qualifies the 1945 Constitution for the birth of a Perpu, “he concluded.

He added, through Perpu. 2 Year 2017, President Jokowi revoked the status of HTI Legal Entity without rambling through the judicial process.

“With that, the security conditions are recovering where people are living peacefully side by side in diversity as it is currently felt,” he concluded.

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