OPM Yapen Timur Hands Over on Independence Day

Yapen, MHN – Towards the 72nd anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, the National Liberation Army – the Free Papua Movement (TPN-OPM) of Yapen Timur region surrendered. They want to join Indonesia and support development.

Commander of TPN-OPM Yapen Timur, Kris Nussy a.k.a. Corinus Sireri surrendered with his subordinates to Kabiinda Papua and Satellas Amole Kodam XVII Cenderawasih in Wadafi Village, Wadamom District, Yapen Islands District, Papua, Tuesday (15/08/2017).

The TPN-OPM surrender was accompanied by the handover of 12 firearms consisting of 10 homemade weapons and 2 organic firearms. The surrender took place at the TPN-OPM Headquarters in the hills of Wadafi, Wadamom District, East Yapen.

Kriss declared his surrender with his subordinates to join the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and would support development in the territory of the Yapen Islands.

“I am Kriss Nussy commander of TPN OPM Yapen East surrendered and surrendered 12 weapons and mixed ammunition of 19 maleo members of Kodam Papua,” said Kriss Nussy.

On that occasion Kris Nussy asked the government to help them in the form of houses and outboard boats that will be used for fishing (fishermen).

“We are asking the Indonesian government to help me and the members in the form of outboard engines and chainsaw engines for us to look for food and also we ask the government to build housing for our families to shelter,” he said.

On that occasion, TPN-OPM members conveyed their Congratulations to the 72nd Independence Day and handed 12 weapons along with 19 rounds of ammunition. (MHN)

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