OAP Manado Not Agree Human Rights Issues in Papua Brought Overseas

Manado, MHN – Indigenous People of Papua (OAP) living in Manado does not support the efforts of certain groups trying to bring alleged cases of human rights abuses in Papua abroad.

“Want to shout out (foreign), it can not because we live now, we are in the country of law. Leave it to the existing law, there are people of human rights leaders in Indonesia “, said Yantinu Rumayom in Manado (9/8).

According to him, the Government of Indonesia does not turn a blind eye to cases of alleged human rights abuses in Papua. If indeed found cases of violation of law, should be voiced to the President of RI to be resolved properly.

“We live in a country, there we have parents. We have parents of Mr. President, the Minister is there, Governor, they will be able to finish “, he said.

The settlement of alleged cases of human rights abuses in Papua is a domestic affair of Indonesia, so it is not appropriate to involve foreign parties.

“We can not we live in a house, but we go shout out. No need to involve outsiders to come here solve, the problem is not happening outside, (but red) happens in this country. We have nothing outside, we have parents there in the country, ” Rumayom said.

Responding to the demonstrations conducted by the Papuan students regarding the alleged cases of human rights violations, Yantinu Rumayom reminded that the younger siblings of students prioritize their duty to study.

“You just study, if you want a law degree, just pursue it, do not demand that human rights should be this way. Finish first lecture, just yelled about human rights how, “he said.

He also reminded also to the younger siblings of Papuan students in the homeland to apply orderly and respect the local community (MHN).

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