Violence Against Children in Papua Still High

JAYAPURA, MHN – Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Yohana Yembise admitted, the number of violence against children in Papua is still high. Until now, there has not been a single district or city in the land of Papua that was awarded by the Eligible District/City of Children (KLA).

“This shows that special attention to children is still very low given by local government (Pemda),” said Yohana in the activities of Protecting Children (BERLIAN) in Jayapura City, Papua, Saturday (12/8) night.

Therefore, the Ministry of PPPA held this activity to raise the spirit of local government to pay more attention to the children of Papua. Ministry of PPPA continues to make efforts to prevent violence against children one of them through the activities of BERLIAN.

Yohana explains, BERLIAN is a program of dissemination and advocacy of Ministry of PPPA in order to end violence against children to various regions in Indonesia. For, the whole society must be aware of the importance of supervising the growth of children, fulfilling their rights, and protecting them from all forms of violence and discrimination.

She also appreciated the local government that has a commitment to protect women and children in Papua by becoming partners with the Ministry of PPPA organize activities Together Protect Children or BERLIAN this. “Mrs. Yo is here for love with Papuan children and as a form of concern for child protection in Papua. Papua should improve in order to meet the 24 indicators of District / City Children’s Favorite and support the Indonesia Eligible Children by 2030, “he said.

After attending BERLIAN’s activities at Papua Trade Center, Yohana went on a visit in Jayapura by attending the Public Participation for Welfare of Women and Children (PUSPA) which had been held since the previous day. At that location, Yohana conducted a joint dialogue with the institution and a number of community representatives on women and children issues in Papua. (MHN)

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