Related to Master Honorer’s Incentive Fund, Dispendasbud Asked to Find a Solution

JAYAPURA, MHN – Yakoba. Lokbere SH. M. Kp., Chairman of Commission V of the House of Representatives of Papua for Health Education and People’s Welfare, asserted that the Mimika Regional Government is responsible and immediately finds a solution to resolve the rights of honorary teachers who have served in various schools in the Mimika region.

“Hundreds of honor teachers have performed their duties as a teacher, but for up to six months or for one semester, they have not received their right to be an incentive fund”.

This he said related to the demonstration that hundreds of honorary teachers continue to Office Dispendasbud Mimika until Monday.

“I came to Timika on behalf of the institution that is the House of Papua, not on behalf of the person. I came to see the various problems that occurred in Mimika, one of which is what experienced teachers in Timika. They continue to demonstrate their rights, because their obligations are already in place, but their rights have not been received. So, we ask the local government of Mimika through SKPD related to immediately solve this problem, “said Yakoba Lokbere, SH.M.Kp, Tuesday (25/7).

According to him, the Head of Dispendasbud of Mimika Regency, Jenny Usmanny should immediately take a quick action by coordinating with Mimika Regent, Eltinus Omaleng to solve the problems faced by these honorary teachers.

“If this problem is allowed to drag on, then the impact is enormous. Because, the impact is not only experienced by these honorary teachers, but the impact can be to students, parents and schools in Timika, “he said.

According to him, if the incentive fund set for this honorary teacher is not accommodated in the Budget Implementation Document (DPA) of the Department of Primary Education and Culture of Mimika Regency, the Head of Dispendasbud immediately coordinates with the Regent of Mimika to find a solution.

He added that if the post incentive teacher fee incentives are not listed in the DPA, then there are other funding points disbursed from the Central Government to the region that may be taken as a policy that would be accountable by the Mimika Government.

“Not even doing this kind of omission. They are men who need to drink food. If their right is not paid, keep the cost for a child’s wife’s drink taken from where. There should be a policy that can answer the demands of the rights of this honorary teacher, “said the former Princess Dani 1996 this.

Furthermore, he said, his presence in Mimika Regency is also related to the posting of being viral in social media related to an honorary teacher named Gerardus Tonopea who was crying in front of the Social Cultural Head of Dispendasbud of Mimika Regency, Dominggus Kapiyau, S. Sos, M.Si. (MHN)

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