District Government Jayawijaya Immediately Order Retail Fuel Traders “Naughty”

Melanesiahotnews.com – District Government (Pemkab) Jayawijaya, immediately curb the seller of fuel oil (BBM) retail ‘naughty’ or raise the premium price to reach Rp 15 thousand to Rp 18 thousand per liter.

“In the near future we will conduct a curbing of naughty dilators who still sell gasoline over Rp 10 thousand per liter,” said Head of Trade at the Office of Manpower and Industry Jayawijaya, Arisman Chaniago, in Wamena, capital of Jayawijaya regency on Sunday (17/9/2017).

He said the price increase at the retail level was due to the distribution.

But there is no reason for retailers to raise prices because there is no economic component that causes the price of other necessities to rise in price.

“We will not be playing games on this issue and we have been monitoring and giving advice to retailers,” he said.

He expects retailers of fuel in Jayawijaya immediately neutralize the retail price to Rp 10 thousand per liter.

Arisman explained that the retail price increase was caused by the delayed supply of fuel from Jayapura.

“The increase is not due to the scarcity of fuel because the three agents of premium and diesel oil (APMS) in Jayawijaya, are still operating and remain open to serve the community,” he said. (Nong Gaat / MHN)

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