Maluku’s Economic Growth Is Above National Average Growth Rate

Ambon, MHN – Economic growth of Maluku Province during 2016 reached 5.76 percent and was above the national average growth rate.

“Our economic growth in 2016 was also higher than 2015 which was only at 5.44 percent,” said Maluku Governor Said Assagaff in Ambon, Tuesday (5/6).

The Governor’s explanation was delivered in the plenary session of the House of Regional Representative (DPRD) in order to deliver the Report of Accountability Work (LKPJ) of the Governor of Maluku in 2016 led by the Chairman of the Parliament of Maluku, Edwin Adrian Huwae.

He said, to realize the welfare of the community as an intact, fair and equitable throughout the region, the Maluku provincial government intensively strives to reduce the level of poverty and unemployment carried out with various community empowerment programs.

“This effort has also had an impact on the decline in poverty rate in September 2016 which reached 19.26 percent compared to the same position in 2015 reached 19.36 percent,” he explained.

He added that the positive impact was also seen in the decline in the open unemployment rate which declined to 7.05 percent in the position of August 2016 compared to the same period of 2015 of 9.93 percent.

“The decline in population poverty and open unemployment is inseparable from the increase in economic growth,” said the governor.

However, he said, there are other factors that could globally affect the poverty rate of the population.

“Almost every year we prepare budgets for community empowerment programs, but sometimes there are regulations that make poverty can not decline rapidly, including the increase in the price of goods in Maluku is very pronounced,” said the Governor. (Maria Dauth/MHN)

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