West Halmahera Regency Drag Travelers Through Culinary

Maluku, Melanesiahotnews.com – West Halmahera (Halbar) District Government, North Maluku (Malut), will make local culinary specialties to attract tourists, both from within and abroad to visit the region.

Head of Tourism Office of Youth and Sports Halbar, Feni Kiat said Halbar has a lot of local specialties culinary that continues to be developed, in terms of processing techniques so it is expected to be an attraction for tourists.

Local specialties include various types of food from mulu bebe banana, sago plate, kasbi coconut milk, coconut milk, coconut milk taro, rice jaha and various types of side dishes from vegetables and fish.

According to Feni, from all the unique culinary that is favored can attract many tourists are various types of snacks from banana mulu bebe, because this type of banana in Indonesia only in Halbar and North Halmahera.

Halbar regency has brought banana mulu bebe, both raw and processed in various kinds of snacks in two exhibitions in Jakarta and then in just two days the whole culinary of banana mulu bebe sold out.

Pemkab Halbar, said Feni Kiat, has invited a number of cooking experts from Jakarta to Jailolo, Halbar to create various types of new snacks from mulu bebe, including other local specialties to suit the tastes of tourists.

Local specialties Halbar culinary will continue to be promoted, both at the Festival Teluk Jailolo next May in Halbar or by displaying it at various exhibitions outside Malut.

Feni added, Halbar in addition to relying on local specialties as a tourist attraction, also has some excellent attractions as a tourist attraction, especially marine tourism, natural scenery and birds angel in the forest area habitat. (MHN)

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