PKK Chairman of Papua Province Complains Geographical Problems During Dasa Wisma Data Collection

Yulce Enembe

TIMIKA, – Chairman of TP. PKK of Papua Province, Yulce Enembe acknowledged that geographical problems become obstacles in data collection dasa wisma.

Dasa wisma itself is a group of mothers from 10 kk and neighbors to facilitate the course of a program.

“Indeed, this program is impossible to do one way but must be gradual. But PKK should try to run because this program can help improve the welfare of the family, “explained Yulce Enembe as the release received this daily, at a meeting with TP PKK Mimika District, in Timika, Thursday (10/8) night.

According to him, data collection dasa wisma recently been done in Sarmi District, which has been recorded approximately 200 kk. Therefore, it is expected that every PKK District / City to be able to activate the data collection, so that every program that is made able to run well.

“I hope all districts can do data collection dasa wisma, so that every PKK program that is derived can work well. Because the dasa wisma will integrate with Posyandu, “he said.

“Because if the data collection is done well, the results will be enjoyed in the coming year.

Whereas if the data is not clear, we will have difficulty in implementing each program, “he explained.

Meanwhile, related to meeting with PKK Mimika, Yulce added that such meeting activities must be done frequently.

So that can be synergized every work program that has been declared before.

“Because without any coordination and good cooperation, every planned work program will not run maximally. In essence PKK district can not walk alone. So we from the PKK Province come to help so that every work program that is planned to run in accordance with expectations, “he said.

While Chairman of TP. PKK Mimika District, Pere Omaleng declared data collection of Dasa Wisma have been done on a number of areas. Among them are in East Mimika District and Iwaka.

“Data collection of Dasa Wisma already roads in Mimika where previously we focus on the mountains. But for this year we will focus more on Mimika part of the beach, “he said. (WIN)

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