Community Network Cares Kendeng Mountains Value of Cement Rembang Dissidges

JAKARTA, – Legal defiance by PT. Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk in Rembang District continues to run. This happens for at least 6 Years 2 Months, starting from PT. Semen Indonesia received its first license since July 17, 2012.

According to Kendeng Kendeng Community Care Network (JM-PPK) The insubordination includes:

1. Not obeying the Supreme Court decision Number 99 PK / TUN / 2016 dated October 5, 2016 which states clearly that the activities / business of PT. Sement Indonesian in Rembang District violates the law and must be declared void. Already 336 days (11 months) the decision was not adhered to. PT. Semen Indonesia has conducted mining operations and production operations, in addition to PT. Semen Indonesia is also planning to conduct a limestone blast that will definitely have an impact for the community.

2. Against KLHS I stating that in the CAT Watu Putih area can not be mined due to karst area which is the source of water.

3. Cement Rembang activity is defiance of Supreme Court’s decision. 91 PK / TUN / 2017. This ruling refused the PK above the PK filed by Cement Rembang.

4. Cement Rembang uses a false witness proven in court.

5. Amdal Cement Rembang proven to do forgery, lies and untruth data.

6. The Practice of Addendum Amdal and RKL-RPL that are legally flawed and show non-compliance with the Supreme Court’s decision as well as contradictory to Law No. 32 Year 2009 jo PP. 27 Year 2007;

8. Business License obtained by Cement Rembang contains legal defects and shows non-compliance with the Supreme Court’s decision in relation to Law no. 4 of 2009 concerning Mining Mining;

9. Cement Rembang does not comply with the agreement between residents, KSP, KLHK Kem. BUMN and PT. SI in the Office of Presidential Staff dated March 20, 2017 in which PT. SI and the Ministry of SOEs agreed not to operate first until KLHS is completed;

The Community Care Network of Kendeng Mountains (JM-PPK) believes that this legal defiance can not be tolerated.

“Indonesia as a state law is tested whether it only ensnares the poor or all legal subjects who commit violations, especially corporations. This is in accordance with the MA Regulations on corporate crime, “the press release received by, Sept. 6, 2017. (Yos/MHN)

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